About Us

BudgetingLoan.co.uk is a website dedicated to providing information on budgeting loans and other forms of Social Fund loans. Our primary focus is on the budgeting loan because this provides low income families and individuals with a means to borrow money completely tax free for expenses that cannot be budgeted for when on a low income.

We provide a full range of information. We answer the most frequently asked questions on the topic and we also post regular articles along with news stories that we believe will be of interest to anybody looking to benefit from a budget loan.

We are open to answering questions posed by any of our readers and have provided a Question and Answer facility so if you do have any queries about the loan process, how to pay it back, who to contact for an update, and which of the social fund loans is best for your current requirements then please feel free to contact us and we will post an answer to your question.

We are regularly adding fresh and new content to the site so please bookmark us and check back often because you will find plenty of fresh and genuinely useful information to help you with any stage of the budget loan application process.