Budgeting Loan Contact Number 0843 596 3082

Whether you have already applied for a Social Fund loan, are having problems completing the application form, or you want an update on your application, then you should use the appropriate budgeting loan contact number. Using this number you will be able to seek the guidance that you need. Be aware that the loan funds come from the Social Fund and it is the Jobcentre Plus that deals with the application. Typically, you should contact your local office for more information.

Application Forms

If you are looking to apply for the loan then you do not need a budgeting loan telephone number. You can call in at your local Jobcentre Plus, contact your pension office, or download a form from the Department of Work and Pensions website. Whichever method you use, you will be provided with the same forms and you will usually be required to return them to the same address. This address will differ depending on the area in which you live. For further details click here

Pension Office

If you applied for your loan through your pension office then you should, in the first instance, contact them to find the information you are looking for. You need to have been claiming any of a number of income benefits, including pension credits for at least 26 weeks in order to be eligible for the loan. A failure to meet these criteria is one of the most common reasons for applications being turned down.

Progress Updates

You can check on the progress of your application by calling your local budgeting loan phone number. As it is the Jobcentre Plus that are in charge of these loans, this should be your first port of call. You should contact your local office, usually using a budget loan telephone number, and provide identifying details. They should be able to provide you with information on the application process.

Decision Notification

Jobcentre Plus will contact you with a decision regardless of whether your applications is accepted or rejected. If you appeal against a decision then be aware that you should receive a response within 12 days of the application being process so do allow a couple of extra days before calling the budgeting loan contact number. Appeals are processed by independent third parties but it is your local Jobcentre Plus that you should contact to receive an update.

Questions About The Form

Again, the people to contact, if you are having problems filling in the form or need clarification on any of the issues raised in the form is your local Jobcentre Plus. Fortunately, you can find this number in your local phone directory. Alternatively, you can go online to the Jobcentre Plus website, to find a local number. You can treat this as your budgeting loan contact number.

Discuss Your Repayments

If you have problems meeting the regular repayments that you agree then it may be possible to extend the period of the loan. While you will still be required to repay the full amount, spreading this repayment over more weeks means that the amount you have to repay each week will be reduced. Don’t assume that this is possible for your situation, however, and do use the budgeting loan phone number to contact the Jobcentre Plus and be prepared to discuss your circumstances in order that they help you meet your repayments without falling into further trouble.

Budgeting Loan Telephone Number

A budgeting loan provides low income families or individuals with tax free loans between £100 and £1,500 to be used for emergency purposes. Complete your application form, send it in, and await a decision. If you have any problems or have not heard within the timescale you can use your local budgeting loan contact number to request an update.