How Long After Sending My Budgeting Loan Acceptance Will I Receive My Money?

When you complete your DWP budgeting loan form, you will have been asked to provide details of a financial account where the money can be paid. A basic bank account, current account, Post Office account, building society account, or credit union account are all deemed as being suitable types of account.

Once you return your acceptance form it is really just a matter of waiting for the money to be placed in your account. While these can be anxious times, especially as the money is typically given for use in emergencies, there is little you can do to speed up the process.

Generally, it takes around a week for the money from a DWP budgeting loan to go into your account after you have returned the acceptance form. Do ensure that you complete the forms fully and follow the instructions to return the application. A failure to provide necessary data could lead to a delay in you being paid the money.

If you have not heard back after two weeks then you can use the budgeting loan phone number to call the Jobcentre Plus and ask why there has been a hold up. Busier times may mean that you have to wait longer to receive access to the cash.

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